Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A long Update!

So it's been a long while my friends. I wish that I could say it's because my husband came home from deployment (which he did!!!), but alas, it's because I'm lazy!

I've decided to share the last few weeks of my life with you in pictures. So, here we go!

At the end of June I said goodbye to my crazy class of 3rd graders. My coworker, Sarah, and I threw the class an awesome Luau party to say our goodbyes. We were impressed with our decorating skills (there was more than you can see in the pictures!).
And, ss much as they bothered me towards the end, I will truly miss those kids next year!

My class plus the special ed teachers!

My in-laws came down for Father's Day weekend so I decided to make and decorate a cake.

I was feeling a bit like Betty Crocker and decided a week later to make my first pie! We have a blackberry bush in our backyard so the hubby collected berries for me. He was really excited for a pie.Concert 1 of the summer was Kenny Chesney. Can we say total hottie? Yum. I went with my friend and coworker Sarah at the end of June. We had a good time.

Dan and I finally made it to Busch Gardens! We've been wanting to go for years, but have never made it up there!

Concert 2 of the summer was Toby Keith. What a fun time! Sarah and I met up with our Assistant Principal and a few coworkers to enjoy the concert.

Dan and I also met up with his brother and sister-in-law in Norfolk for the Harbor Fest. It was a lot of fun! The boats were awesome!
I can't have an entry without sharing pictures of my Elizabeth :) I can't wait to go home in August to see her and our new niece Diana!!!