Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Attempt

Tomorrow is "Goodie Day" at school (because teachers loooooove goodies!), so I thought I'd take on a goodie that I've been dieing to make. If you don't read Bakerella's blog you REALLY should! Anyway, I got the idea to try making her Cupcake Pops without the pop.
Here are what hers look like:

Really cute and awesome right? I thought so.
After 4 hours of working in the kitchen, here is what I came up with:

Not NEARLY as cute and awesome, but they'll do.
I wish I would have bought the M&Ms for the top. That would have helped. I'm not sure how Bakerella gets hers so perfect. I seriously spent 4 hours working on these and THAT'S what I came up with. Horrible right? I shouldn't even try!! Hey, at least it gave me something to do tonight :)


Tenacious V said...

Ha! I sorta love it! They probably look better than anything I'd achieve. And I bet they'll taste delicious. ;-)

amy said...

Super attempt! This ALWAYS happens to me. I see beautiful photos in cookbooks or whatever and what I make DOES NOT look like the photo. I don't know how they do it!

They are super cute & look delicious! I'm sure they will be a hit!


P.S. Little Elizabeth is a beauty! Thanks for sharing photos.

Anonymous said...

Those came out cute!!