Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My New Therapy

Today I spent a few hours in the bathroom. Painting it. When Dan and I moved into this awesome house I new that I HATED the bathrooms. The previous owner decided to paint them all a depressing (and hideous) brown and peach. To make matters worse, she painted uneven stripes in one. YIKES! So, I decided that I was going to paint the downstairs bathroom while Dan was gone. We had seen a $3 gallon of "as is" paint at Lowes that we really liked and picked it up. It's light blue and we were shocked it was on the as is table. We figured we'd go ahead and try it for $3. It was originally $32 paint. Anyway, I've never taken on a project by myself before and was a little nervous.

While painting (and sweating... it's a tough job!) I realized that I was feeling a lot less stressed and lonely. Being stuck in the tiny bathroom with a paintbrush was taking my mind off of all my "problems" and was relaxing me! It also made me feel great about myself because I was accomplishing a task on my own. This is a big step for me.

The bathroom looks great. I love the color and proud of my paint job. I am awesome. (Pictures to come later)

Dan is supposed to come home tomorrow. That will be awesome.


Monogramchick said...

It all starts in the bathroom....:)
Good job tackling the painting, I h-a-t-e to paint. Can't wait to see photos!

Tenacious V said...

I'm excited to see it. Did I ever tell you that we pained our den when I was really depressed after handing in my thesis? Painting IS therapeutic. Keep it up and your house will be aaaamazing. ;-)

Erin said...

I LOVE to paint and can't wait to have a home to paint the walls in (I HATE living in an apartment with all beige walls). I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful bathroom! :)