Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 1

Day 1

Today was 85% better than yesterday. Everything that could go wrong went wrong yesterday. I cried all morning as I got ready for work, I forgot my lunch at home and had to spend $3.50 on a tiny disgusting salad at school, my class was full of disrespectful children, and I had to drop Dan off at the ship that night for 24 days. I'm glad that day is over.

Today my class was pretty well behaved, I caught myself having FUN teaching *gasp!*, and I got to catch up on all of my DVR shows!!! I did have to remind myself an hour ago that I'm not going to be sad, but all in all it's been a pretty good day. Now I'm getting ready for the Big Brother Finale and bed. 2 of my favorite things!

Here are 2 cards I made recently. Enjoy!

Valli: When someone starts buying my things off Etsy I will gladly post more :)


Tenacious V said...

Cuuuute, I really like the Just Married one. The colors on the first are really nicely done, too. See, my theory is that you should post a lot on Etsy and then just advertise the hell out of it. People like choices. I mean, we live in America. ;-)

I've been having a teeeerrrrrible week, I need some FUN on Saturday. I'm still trying to decide whether to blog about my disastrous, accidental weeklong vacay from depression meds. It may seem like I'm a total abuser or something. Heh. So if you're sad on Saturday, I may officially be sadder, but it may be more artificial. :-D

Tammy Hershberger said...

Noticed your blog in my blogstats so I thought I'd pay you a quick visit! These cards are adorable! Love the bright colors, and that wedding card is just fabulous! Very creative!

mamitasalsita said...

those are really cute. hang in there chica. :-)

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

These are both so cute! Love the thank you card...the papers are so fun!