Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Hate My Cuttlebug

Or maybe it's my Nestabilities I hate. I can't decide. I can't get the nestabilities to work with my Cuttlebug without it ruining my plates. Every website I've looked at (and I've looked at SO many!!) that explain how to use the 2 together say the same thing.... when I do what they say it doesn't work for me! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm annoyed and pissed off because I spent $60 on the nestabilities and was SO excited to start using them. They have caused me nothing but pain!!!!! aaaah


JHET said...

Hi! Though I haven't experienced what you had experienced, I can feel your frustration. How do you do your cuttlebug sandwich with the nesties? (if you don't mind me asking) This one works for me and you can try it if you haven't tried it yet:

For cutting: (sequence of plates fr bottom to top)

Plate A
Plate C
Cardstock (or any medium you want to cut)
Nestabilities die (the rigged part down facing the cardstock)
Plate B

Granting you want to emboss the cardstock you just cut here is the
embossing sandwich(plate sequence fr bottom to top) Don't remove the diecut from the nesties:

Plate A
Plate B
Nestabilities die (with the die cut still in place)
Embossing Tan Mat
Plate B

Pls let me know how you go but I hope this helps. Visit my blog when you get the chance.

Have a blessed day!

JHET said...

I forgot to say that when embossing, the rigged part of the nesties should be face up (with the die cut still in place)


Sue said...

your plates will get ruined with your nesties. They cut into the plates, which is what the plates are for. You might want a set just for your nesties and one for everything else. My plates are all cut up...as they should be. Make sure you are turning the plates and rotating them so they dont get warped into one position...that might help.

Sue said...

Caiti-thanks for visiting my blog. I just wanted to add that I keep an extra set of plates handy. I have only broken one set(in about 2 years), but as your plates get all cut up, sometimes you want a nice smooth set for embossing or whatever. I use mine almost everyday, so they can take a lot of cutting! Oh...my daughters are both school teachers, second and fourth grades!

Denise said...

I use mu Cuttlebug with Nesties daily!! I just love it. Email me maybe I can help you???? Let me know how you are doing it.
The plates will get "scars" on them no matter what die cut you use. But it doesn't make the plates useless, mine is so cut up, but I haven't replaced the B plate yet.