Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am a Mommy!

To 2 baby chicks! Welcome to the world Peanut and Bob!!!!

The 3rd grade classes at my school decided to incubate chicken eggs this year to teach the students about life cycles. I have to admit, I was scared out of my mind. That's a lot of responsibility! What's going to happen?? Aren't they disgusting when they hatch? What if they die??? What if none of the eggs hatch??

Well, being the awesome teacher that I am, I decided I wanted to take on the challenge for my class. Each room got 12 eggs from the 4-H club to incubate. Our job was to roll the eggs 3 times a day and keep the incubator at 99-100 degrees for 21 days. Easy right? It is when you have 22 kids screaming at you to roll the eggs at 8:30, 11:30, and 2:30 each day!

*Warning: Some of these pictures are gross. LOL*

Here they are about to hatch on the 21st day!

Here comes Peanut!!!Hello world!!!!

Slimy, gooey, and sort of freaky looking.
My cuties!

He looks mean, but they're sooo cute in person!

Bob #1 actually ended up dying about 15 minutes after he hatched :( It freaked me out and I almost cried. He ended up having a hernia and it killed him. Shhhh the kids don't know. I told them that Mrs. McClaskey was taking care of him until he felt better. Luckily, that night another egg hatched. That morning I told the kids, "Bob felt so much better and wanted to come back to our class!!!!" Thanks Bob 2 for standing in :)


Tenacious V said...

Awww! Adorable! Are they emitting cute little "cheeps" yet? I remember our gerbils in second grade--I was in terror at all times that they would die. Good on you for covering up Bob #1's demise. :-)

amy said...

How COOL! This is awesome! I can't wait to show my kids these photos tomorrow and tell them all about Aunt Caiti becoming a mom. :)

Inquiring minds want to know, how did you get the photos? Did you just happen to be there when they hatched? If so, perfect timing!

They are so cute! What happens now? You & Dan gonna build a coop out back?

Thanks for sharing - the girls will LOVE this!


P.S. Poor (ex)Bob

The Red Headed Mama said...

That's awesome!

Funny and sad about bob 1 and bob 2!

Dave said...

Cool pics!
Don't give Beth any ideas about building a chicken coop, I have enough to do before the baby comes :)

Beth said...

Oh shoot, I was going to ask you if I can have the chickens but Dave aparently doesn't want to have that chicken coop just yet...

I'm so jealuos, what a cool project!

I was so sad for Bob one when I saw you said he died on your facebook page.

Dave said...

someday Beth, someday

Kati said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I cannot even begin to say how wonderful her work has been on my daughter's books! I am very excited for her to do books for my son as well. Small world!! Hope you stick around!

Joan Fricker said...

Baby chicks are so adorable. We used to hatch them in a fish aquarium and they became pets and folowed me everywhere I went. Loved every minute of it.

Good idea on your Bob #2.