Thursday, March 5, 2009


So last week we had some snow! Can you believe it? Snow in Virgina Beach??? Weird. What's incredibly ironic is that a few weeks before we had a "snow day" from school where there was NO snow. We were supposed to get a bad storm that never came; so we got a day off for nothing. Well, we were punished for that by the city and were made to work on Presidents Day. *gasp!* Well, we wake up on Presidents Day to this:

No joke. Snow on our snow day makeup. Did we get called off? Nope. The city wanted to prove a point I suppose. There were a lot of angry school goers that day.... the ONLY schools around to be in session.

Anyway, a few days ago we got a liiiiittle more:

and guess what?? We got a 2 hour delay. Does that make ANY sense at all?
I didn't think so.


Tenacious V said...

And now, four days later, it's 70 degrees and I am reading blogs outside. Gotta love VA weather.

Kate said...

I want some more snow here! I miss it. And even your snow is DEFINITELY not Ohio snow - I don't know how I'd handle that anymore!

Thanks for your comment(s) on my last post. The second one made me laugh. No worries! <3