Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here is all I will Say...

about the election.

I am not one who normally talks about my political views and I am not going to say who my choice for office is, but I would like to say this:

People who try to shove Obama down my throat irritate me to the fullest extent. If I am going to vote for Obama, I'm going to vote Obama and your rants are not making any difference. If I am going to vote McCain, your yelling and insults are not going to change my mind. Infact, the more people shove Obama in my face, the more I want to vote McCain just to make people mad!!!

I completely understand voicing your opinion and feeling strongly about the candidate of your choice, but come on people, enough is enough. People will vote for who they think will do the best job. Your rantings are not going to change peoples minds or opinions.

Ok, I know I will probably get assulted for this blog, but it had to be said. It's been annoying me for a long time.


amy said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing (and no assaults here).

Have I mentioned lately that I hate politics? I hate all the arguing and bickering about it. And, you're right, opinionated people DO NOT change my mind or make me decide who I'm voting for.

Thank you and good night. :)

Caelan'sMom said...

I agree with you, even though I can tend to be one of those annoying Obama-fanatics. I am so glad we only go through this every four years!! But I don't try to be pushy, and if I come across as such, I apologize.

I'm passionate, and I have a hard time controlling myself... haha.

As long as you vote, I don't care. Nothing worse than someone who ignores their civic duty.

Tenacious V said...

...but if you were a Virginia resident, I'd make you vote for Mark Warner, my gateway Democrat! :-p

I feel that, as an independent, I should make a post that says, "Stop bad-mouthing people who have different political opinions than you do. It's a turn-off." Even among my friends I feel as though I've had to defuse too many tense situations.

I agree with the no-shoving rule...let's have some respect.

Beth said...

No assults here either! I'm quite tired of it as well! I've noticed that this presidential election seems to be causing more anxiety and arguments than I've seen in the past.

At work, sometimes patients come in ranting and raving about how great Obama is and we all just have to smile and nod, while we secretly scale their teeth a little harder. ha ha, just kidding, but sometimes I feel like it.

I've never lost sleep at night over an election before, but this one has got me by the heart strings!

And the media is NOT helping!

So, thanks for posting Caiti!

Kate said...

I just wrote the longest comment ever. And it disappeared. KILL ME.

So what I was going to say is that I think sometimes people with differing viewpoints get annoyed with those who have very strong, public viewpoints &, out of spite, accuse them of rating or yelling or intimidation or whatever. I'm not sure what sort of ranting/yelling you're referring to, but if you mean people who canvass for Obama, who knock on doors & make phone calls for Obama, who hold fundraisers & debate-watching parties for Obama, who make politics their away message & their profile picture, who hang signs in their windows... well, none of that is ranting or force-feeding. That's doing a job, advertising for a candidate, showing support. I just think that sometimes spite gets the better of people with different views & they choose to label it as something vicious. But as someone who does all of the aforementioned things, in no way do I feel I'm shoving anything down anyone's throat.

And I know you probably didn't really mean this, but I just have to say it: Dear God, please don't vote for someone just out of spite for someone else's supporters. This isn't prom.

End rant.
Miss you.

Troy & Amy said...

I have to laugh because my dad told me the perfect response to these people. "That's why they have curtains at the polls - because my vote is strictly my vote - not yours". This was in response to someone who was trying to get my dad to promise to vote for someone.