Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For

Ok readers. It's the moment you've all been waiting for... the reveal of my great find last weekend! (I know you've been on the edge of your seat waiting!)

My sister-in-law, Valli, and I went to ACmoore last weekend for some fun shopping around. I didn't plan on buying much, but their Sandylion embellishments were on sale for $1 so I had to check them out. As I browsed the aisle I was very disappointed in their sale selections. I found 1 embellishment and hated to wait in line for that. Then it happened! I turned the corner and entered the final scrapbooking aisle. There... at the end of the aisle... I spotted it.

The Cuttlebug.

Now, I have been wanting a Cuttlebug for a VERY long time. It's been killing me not to buy it, but I told myself I couldn't buy anymore scrapbooking things (big things...) until I sold something. I also found that it's price had been raised from $89.99 to $98.99 at ACMoore and I couldn't stomach that. I could use a 50% off coupon, but that's still around $50. It must have been my lucky day because the price had DROPPED to $79.99. I had a 50% off coupon and snatched it up for $40.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled. I couldn't even find it online (ebay, amazon, etc) for until $60. I couldn't stop smiling! So, that's it my readers. I am now the proud owner of a Cuttlebug.

Yes, I took a picture of my first embossing :)

I will also go on to show you the projects I have been working on this week. Here is one I made for the "Secret Ghost" at school. You, "Boo" a person and leave them a gift and it goes throughout the school. I made this and then checked my sister-in-laws Etsy account and saw something VERY similar. Now I feel like a goof because it looks like I copied! I swear I had it started before I saw hers!!! (I promise Amy!!!)

The cards were put inside the box for an adorable little gift. I also put some candy in a cute Halloween baggie. I think they'll like it!

I also made another package of Halloween cards for my Etsy shop. I like these ones better than my last. I guess practice does make perfect (or just better in my case!)

And lastly, my first gift from a student this year:

Dan comes home in 8 days :)


Beth said...

Yeah, fun! Good deal! Very cute! Okay, I don't know why I'm talking in short sentences, I guess it's that I'm just so excited for you! :)

SITS Girls said...

So cute!

Don;t you just love it when you can get a great price on something you've been dying to have!

amy said...

Okay, so I quote your previous post regarding cuttlebug, "It's not that exciting". What the ????

This IS exciting. Something worth writing home about.

I LOVE my cuttlebug. The embossing designs are so adorable for card making!

Being a queen of never paying full price for anything and always a bargain hunter, I of course am almost as thrilled as you are for getting an awesome deal!

Adorable projects. Glad you've been busy with your paper. Have I mentioned lately how much I love paper?

Are you going to put your newest set of Halloween cards on etsy?

Here's to a super speedy 8 days!

I write with Pilot pens said...

you're so crafty and girly that it sometimes makes my eyes boil out of my head.

but in a totally good way.

i mean, i'm the girl that froze our dead turtles... so...

:D love you/miss you, roomie!!!

Valli said...

Oh, yeah, we did accomplish something together this weekend, even if it wasn't stamping. ;-) Buying stamping stuff. Love how all the little cards came out.

Monogramchick said...

what a great find! way to go! cute projects too :)

Kate said...

So cute! I wish I could afford to take up scrapbooking and, especially, card-making. I love your stuff!