Thursday, August 14, 2008


So here's how the Navy does things (or at least the USS Eisenhower!)

I dropped Dan off at the ship last night at 10:30pm. They were required to be on board by 11:59pm to go underway at 9am the next morning. Okay, I got over the whole, "be here the night before" thing since I know how stupid they can be. It was horrible. Saying goodbye is always depressing and I knew I had 2 long and lonely weeks ahead of me. I drove home crying and went to bed.

This afternoon I got a call from Dan saying the ship had not left and that they could go home for a few hours. I was SO excited! I hurried to the ship and got there around 2:50pm. Dan said they had about 15 minutes of work left and he'd be right there. About 2 1/2 hours later he came out. I was irritated, but extremely excited that we had a few more hours together. We ate and went home to watch the Olympics. At 10:00pm I drove him back to the ship to say goodbye again. There's nothing like 2 painful goodbyes in 2 days. Oh well.

So here's to a long 2 weeks alone. Feel free to leave some love and keep me company :)

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Judi said...

I totally feel your pain with goodbyes Caiti! When James and I were long distance, I hated that trip to the airport. I'm glad I didn't know him when he was deployed for a year because I wouldn't be able to handle that. Even though we've never met, I know you are a strong woman and these next 2 weeks will FLY.