Friday, August 22, 2008

Update on Life

I figured I'd post since I hadn't in a few days. Not a lot has been going on over here. I've been going into school to get my classroom ready for the kids. It's pretty much the way I want it with the exception of a few posters I still need to make. I'm pretty excited now that it's come together. I'll get some pictures on Monday and post them. My room is about half the size of the one last year. It's depressing. Oh well. Move on Caiti.

They hired a new first grade teacher yesterday. I guess there were too many 1st graders for just 3 classes, so they gave our school MY position back. (If you don't know the story: My 1st grade position was cut at the end of last year because of funding. My school wanted me to stay with them so they offered me a 3rd grade position. I didn't want 3rd grade, but decided it would be easier than switching schools. When I heard my position might be coming back I asked for it. My principal gave me a long speech about how he wanted my personality in 3rd grade or something... I'm bitter)

I was livid when I found out we got the position back and he didn't give it to me. That was my position! I was hired there into that 1st grade position. I should have had the option to take it back. I guess in the long run it's probably better that I stay in 3rd. They'll probably cut the position again next year and then where would I be? I guess the big Man knows what he's doing. It just stinks that I could have had 1st grade again.... I would have known what I was doing and would have so much less stress going into the first day. *Sigh* Everything happens fro a reason right?

If you could, please think of and pray for my sister-in-law Valli. She's been having some random pains and has been told she may have Endometriosis. Pray she won't need surgery and if she does that it all goes smoothly. She really wants to start having kids soon, so pray this will not interfere.

Dan called today. It was good to hear his voice. Just 1 more week until he's home again!


Ari&Matt08 said...

Gosh that stinks. :( Well if it's any consolation, I did my methods training in 3rd grade and absolutely loved it! Come to think of it, it was probably my favorite grade to teach.

Anonymous said...

I agree! If I were a teacher, I'd want to teach Grade 3. After all, in the first grade, you have to teach them the basics of the 3 Rs, and by third grade, they should know them. Good luck with your class!